Lipuis design and product high-performance and reliable SiC and IGBT modules for the verticals including NEV, smart grid, renewable energy, industrial drive, healthcare equipment and power source. The company is headquartered in Wuxi, China, with an R&D center in Japan



ElectroPhotonic-IC Inc. is a new company formed in Ottawa Canada with the mission of providing cost-efficient interface solutions to optical fiber interconnects with increased lane speed targeting aggregate link bandwidths of 100G/200G/400G and faster in the future. Using a fabless model and based on Indium Phosphide, they are developing single mode transmitter and receiver technology based on monolithic integration of high speed electronics along with Optics.



Xingtera Semiconductor is an integrated circuit chip design company. Its main products are chips and modules that adopt ITU-T technology standards. At the same time, the company also provides network transmission solutions based on coaxial and twisted pair cables and power line-based Smart home and security networking solutions.